3D World Films is a media production company with a difference. We specialise in 3D stereoscopic video production for the Travel , Tourism , Hospitality & Sports industry.Our previous campaigns have included 3D Animation, 3D Movies, 3D commercials for TV advertising and 3D internet.

Our production team will cover End to End delivery of the project including a creative consultation to ensure your 3D video has a strong presence and will be remembered long after it has been viewed.

Our company specialises on delivering the highest quality visual experience for the following sectors Travel & Tourism / Hospitality / Hotels & Resorts / Casinos / Airline / Cruise / Rail / Car Rental / Spas. We can supply in the content in the following formats: Retail Digital Signage, Movie Theaters, Stereoscopic computer Animation.

IT’S TIME TO JOIN IN NOW! : As you can already see in the retail space, Sony & Sky Digital TV are already heavily investing in 3D and bringing them to market. You can already purchase a HD3D subscription from SKY HD.

The essentials of 3D Advertising are the right brands with appropriate disposition accessing the big new opportunities. We’re going to first see a wave of 3D cinema and 3D TV commercials, which is a great new immersive world for advertising.

Join 3D World Films and see how we can make a REAL difference to your marketing & advertising strategy.